Planning Services

Your trusted partner in providing leadership services to member-based associations and the not-for-profit sector. We recognize that effective leadership lies at the core of achieving meaningful missions and are committed to empowering you to lead with purpose to make a lasting impact on the communities you serve.

Through our leadership services, Piper supports staff and leadership teams as you navigate the unique challenges you face.

Strategic planning clarifies an organization’s goals and values

Empowers stakeholders to envision the new, desired future state and operationalizes its mission and values. It then creates the framework with which resources can be allocated to achieve this shared, newly defined future.

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Recognizing that change is inevitable

And opportunities abound, Piper conducts thorough analyses and facilitates interactive strategic planning sessions. We also work closely with your leadership team, both staff and volunteer directors, to craft a comprehensive strategic plan that not only adapts to change but embraces it.

By aligning with your mission and vision, engaging stakeholders, and driving meaningful impact, we ensure that your organization has the right place in place, along with the high level of engagement necessary to achieve it.

Virtual Strategic Planning

 In an era where stakeholders can be geographically dispersed, time is limited, and broad-based input is crucial, our virtual strategic planning services offer an engaging and effective solution. By harnessing the power of technology, we can facilitate a successful virtual strategic planning experience that eliminates the need for travel and the costs associated with an in-person meeting, while also ensuring active participation and idea-sharing among stakeholders. Participants will be fully engaged while creating a plan that is meaningful and achievable.

Mid-Plan Strategic Refresh

A mid-plan strategic refresh saves time and resources by fine-tuning the existing plan, without the need for a full planning process. Piper can guide you through a mid-plan refresh to help your organization stay on track with strategic adjustments. Your organization remains effective, relevant, and aligned with your vision, and work with your organization either in person or virtually to update the plan.

Business Plan

As organizations diversify their revenue streams away from member dues or external funding, there can be opportunities to monetize current programs and services or innovate the create new review streams. Piper can work with you to understand your competitive environment, forecast revenues and expenses, create the required organizational structure, marketing plan, and service delivery standards, as well as the implementation plan to get there.

Does Your Organization Need a Strategic Plan?

Case Studies

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With a vacancy at the top, this industry association wanted to be clear on its intended direction and operating environment before beginning the search for new staff leadership. Piper was hired to conduct an environment scan, discover the organization’s current state, and facilitate a series of workshops with members, industry leaders and the volunteer board to define its strategic direction. This collaborative, consultative process enabled the board to define the skills, qualifications, and motivations it was seeking in its next CEO and empower that individual with a clear framework for their success.

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With the pandemic bringing all normal activities to a halt two months after completing their normally scheduled strategic planning process, this health organization chose to set aside their original plan and respond to the many demands placed on their members. As activities returned to normal, Piper was hired to facilitate a mid-plan refresh where volunteer directors and senior staff gathered to assess the new normal, reconfirm strategic themes still of importance in changing circumstances, and redirect the necessary resources to new initiatives.

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Five associations successfully created and piloted a learning management system geared to bringing high-quality, dynamic training to the members of their profession. After several years of outstanding success, this learning hub was interested in expanding its reach of courses, participants, and content developers in a bid for continuous improvement. Piper was hired to research and write the business plan to build on their success, open the doors to new participants and achieve financial sustainability, while also leveraging the contributions of the five founding partners.


Piper’s expertise and support came at the perfect time when we were urgently searching for two critical positions. As a small team, this could have easily overwhelmed us, but their guidance and expertise made all the difference. They took the time to fully grasp the intricacies of each position, resulting in a tailored approach that aligned perfectly with our requirements. Communication played a crucial role throughout, and they kept us informed every step of the way, providing peace of mind and confidence in the process. I have no hesitation in recommending Piper to anyone seeking a consultant for their hiring needs.

Operations Manager - Industry Association

Piper and Company has been our search firm of choice for over four years and have helped us fill positions of all levels from CEO to Coordinator and everything in between. Theresa Kane has been an exceptional advisor, listening to our needs and offering insightful and practical suggestions to make each project successful. Through their search and evaluation process, Piper and Company have filled many roles for us and helped us build a high-performance team that enjoys working together. We have outstanding team retention but if the need arises, we will immediately turn to Theresa and Piper.

CEO - Trade Association

Theresa led the executive search for my organization’s new CEO. As an applicant for the position, I found Theresa to be extremely professional in all aspects of the process – from the first one-on-one interview, subsequent interviews with the entire search panel and finally through to the offer and negotiation phase. As the successful candidate, I appreciated Theresa’s approach of attention to detail, transparency, and open communication.

CEO - Health Care Association