Executive Search

Through extensive work with clients across Canada, we have seen what effective association leadership looks like. Piper and Company has the network, research capabilities, and organization assessment tools to locate and connect the right talent with your organization.

Piper and Company consistently finds the right candidates by:

Putting the right candidates in front of the right staff and committees.

Working with volunteer leadership to understand the desired qualities, experience and motivation required to be successful in the role.

Tapping into a deep network of association executives and staff across Canada to find proven leaders and those ready to take the next step.

Guiding organizations through a process of evaluating the candidates to ensure that they are the right person for the job today, and the right person to lead the organization into the future.

Put the right candidates in front of the right staff and committees.

Empowering board of directors to make informed decisions that consider organization, industry, and staff needs.

Piper and Company has worked with organizations in multiple industries across Ontario to identify and select executive staff that enable organizations to perform at their highest level.

We work with you

to understand your organization, identify issues and opportunities, and develop workable action plans with lasting impact.