Executive Search

Finding the right leadership is crucial for the success of any organization

As experienced search consultants

We understand the specific needs of the not-for-profit sector and mission-driven organizations

    We have worked successfully with a volunteer board of directors seeking to hire the chief staff officers, as well as senior staff leadership to assemble their perfect team.

    We have worked with organizations in multiple sectors across Canada to identify and select executive staff, staff director and coordinator roles that enable organizations to perform at their highest level.

    Piper and Company Inc. has the understanding of the not-for-profit and mission-driven space to locate and connect the right talent with your organization.

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      Clients report we consistently and successfully:

      • Work well with volunteer or staff leadership to understand the desired qualities, experience and motivation required to be successful in the role.
      • Structure the hiring process so that it is not only efficient, but effective and resulting in inspired candidate selection.
      • Guide organizations through a process of evaluating the candidates to ensure that they are the right person for the job today and lead the organization into the future.
      • Empower board of directors to make informed decisions that consider organization, industry, and staff needs.
      • Communicate our client’s vision, mission and direction respectfully to all candidates throughout the hiring process.
      • Negotiate successfully to the satisfaction of our clients and selected candidates.

      Case Studies

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      A mid-size local association was at a crossroads. its long-serving and beloved CEO announced intentions to retire, and although not unexpected, still came as a surprise. The sector was in turmoil and the board of directors was divided around the leadership qualities it was seeking. Piper was hired to provide the board with a clear path forward to its future.

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      A health-care association was heading in a new direction and required an experienced Executive Officer to refresh the quality of its member services, continue lobbying efforts on important issues for the profession and increase revenues. The volunteer board of directors was inexperienced with the hiring process and turned to Piper to structure its search, guide them through the selection process and negotiate the employment contract with the successful candidate.

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      An issues-oriented association with a full plate of programs and activities, needed help to fill two staff vacancies with qualified, motivated candidates ready to join and contribute to this dynamic team. Piper was hired to frame out the required qualifications, recruit, interview candidates through to final negotiations.

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      A professional association found itself with a sudden vacancy at the top. They wisely appointed an interim CEO and then hired Piper to conduct a careful, thorough search based on both qualifications and fit. Piper first helped them determine their own goals for the association and the resulting skills, and then worked alongside the appointed task force to find their next senior staff person.


      Theresa led the executive search for my organization’s new CEO. As an applicant for the position, I found Theresa to be extremely professional in all aspects of the process – from the first one-on-one interview, subsequent interviews with the entire search panel and finally through to the offer and negotiation phase. As the successful candidate, I appreciated Theresa’s approach of attention to detail, transparency, and open communication

      CEO - Health Care Association

      Piper and Company has been our search firm of choice for over four years and have helped us fill positions of all levels from CEO to Coordinator and everything in between. Theresa Kane has been an exceptional advisor, listening to our needs and offering insightful and practical suggestions to make each project successful. Through their search and evaluation process, Piper and Company have filled many roles for us and helped us build a high-performance team that enjoys working together. We have outstanding team retention but if the need arises, we will immediately turn to Theresa and Piper.

      CEO - Trade Association

      Piper’s expertise and support came at the perfect time when we were urgently searching for two critical positions. As a small team, this could have easily overwhelmed us, but their guidance and expertise made all the difference. They took the time to fully grasp the intricacies of each position, resulting in a tailored approach that aligned perfectly with our requirements. Communication played a crucial role throughout, and they kept us informed every step of the way, providing peace of mind and confidence in the process. I have no hesitation in recommending Piper to anyone seeking a consultant for their hiring needs.

      Operations Manager - Industry Association