Strategic Plan

 A strategic plan clarifies the goals and values of your organization. Through a highly informed and collaborative process, Piper and Company empowers executives, staff, members, and stakeholders to visualize the future of their organization and decide precisely how to operationalize an organization’s mission and values. It provides an opportunity for organizations to allocate resources in support of a clearly-defined future that all have participated in developing and are committed to implementing.

Do You Need a Strategic Plan?

Are on the cusp of an opportunity that you want to capitalize on?

Have specific goals been just out of reach for longer than you’d like?

Does new volunteer or executive leadership call for a new plan?

Is your organization taking full advantage of its resources?

Have new external threats emerged that are changing the nature of your industry?

Are your membership and client facing new demands that require you to rethink your vision and mission?

The Piper and Company Approach

Piper and Company understands that a strategic plan is both a process and an outcome, because it is as much about buy-in as it is about ideas. Through extensive background research, including key informant interviews, member surveys, literature reviews, and competitive analyses, Piper and Company will help structure a discussion about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and empower stakeholders to determine a thoughtful and ambitious strategic plan that identifies key strategic goals and the required resources to achieve them.

We work with you

to understand your organization, identify issues and opportunities, and develop workable action plans with lasting impact.