Organizational Reviews

An organizational review gives you an opportunity to step back and examine your organization, understand key issues, gather intelligence, develop insights, and lay the foundation for a strong and stable organization that is empowered to carry out its mandate.

Do You Need an Organizational Review?

Are tense power dynamics getting in the way of your organization’s progress?

Are you facing changes in budgets, funding structures or technology?

Do day-to-day operations align with the strategic plan?

Has your mandate broadened or narrowed, changing levels of accountability?

What Service is Best for You?


Main Questions Answered

Governance review

Are outdated service, methods and tools preventing staff from achieving today’s goals?  Is each level in the organization empowered to deliver its mandate?

Workflow review

Are redundancies and bottlenecks compromising efficiency? Are the right people doing the right things with the right resources?

Crisis review

Are conflicts limiting your organization’s effectiveness?  Have sudden changes in executive staff, volunteer leadership or revenue sources paralyzed your organization?

The Piper and Company Approach

Piper and Company will review existing documents and processes, assess financial strength, compare current practices to best practices, and conduct confidential interviews with directors, executives and staff to identify issues that may not come to light on paper. We will prepare a comprehensive report and presentation to highlight challenges and recommend solutions. Most importantly, we will give you a roadmap for implementation that includes well-defined next steps and a timeline. This will enable your organization to take full advantage of our analytical work and move your organization forward.

We work with you

to understand your organization, identify issues and opportunities, and develop workable action plans with lasting impact.